Yara Jewelry


      Founded by Yioula Araouzou in 2020, Yara is a contemporary collection of luxurious, elegant and vibrant one-of-a-kind semi precious jewelry. Even though Yara are the initials of Yioula's name and surname, the meaning of Yara in arabic and brazilian means  "water lady or small butterfly" . A small butterfly signifies a symbol of resurrection representing endurance, change, hope, and life. Yioula designs each piece and uses captivating precious and semi-precious gemstones and pearls. Recyclable materials are also a key component to Yioula's designs giving back to the environment.

      "I strive to convey my passion for gemstones by hand selecting exceptional gemstones and pearls with beautiful natural hues, outstanding brilliance, unusual cuts, and interesting shapes, as I feel that these form the important foundations of noteworthy jewelry. I am inspired by my worldwide travels and adventures, by art and its imaginative forces, and by the beauty of natures imperfection. Yara jewelry is designed for a woman who is confident, fashionable, appreciates fine quality, values, traditions but has a modern perspective, and enjoys expressing her aesthetics and individuality through my unique pieces".

      A colourful journey of gemstones and beautiful unique sustainable designs.